Icons at Home – Rules and Advice
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The icon is one of the most favorite gifts for newcomers. In addition to protecting the home and its residents, the icon is a symbol of faith and is approaching God.

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See what you need to know about icons at home – tips and rules.

It is right in every Christian home to have at least one icon that protects the family and keeps the home. Under the laws of the Eastern Orthodox canon, the icon must be attached to an eastern wall or corner so that it has its back to the sunrise. The place should not be secret, but on the contrary – anyone who crosses the threshold of the house can see the icon.

If you do not have such a wall at home, or it is smaller, there is a window on it or it is not comfortable to hang, then you can choose any other wall at home, but if you observe several conditions.

The icon should have no pictures, frames with other messages, tapestries, watches or ornaments. In addition, the icon should not be kept close to a radio or TV set.


Some families have an icon with a candle. Traditionally, it must always burn, as a person’s faith in God does, but in many homes, for reasons of security, the candle lights only on holidays or for a short morning.  

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Mandatory for every Christian home is the icon depicting Christ. It must be the largest and above all others. The next one in the hierarchy is the icon of the Virgin, which is to the left of that of Christ.

Many families have icons of a saint that their family honors. Most often this is the saint on whom the head of the house was baptized.

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